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How to Clean Your Building in a Sustainable Way

27 Mar2018

Sustainability and “green” efficiency practices have become the standard both in homes and businesses. Homeowners and business owners seek energy-efficient appliances, use green building standards, install eco-friendly HVAC systems—all aimed at the goal of keeping prices down and our environment healthy. But green cleaning practices are still somewhat new, as many businesses are still using toxic chemicals and wasteful cleaning tools.

Want to know how to keep your business clean, well-maintained, and presentable in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way? The specialists at KEVCO Building Services are no strangers to green cleaning practices, so follow along!

What Is the Goal of Sustainability?

A very good question, and one easily answered. The entire focus of sustainability is to use practices and materials that minimize our consumption of resources, whether water, electricity, or the cessation of the use of chemicals that have been deemed harmful to our surrounding environment and living things (clients and employees included!).

This translates to a healthier environment, healthier people, and fewer resources consumed in general, which actually translates directly and into cost savings for your business as well.

Easy Steps to Sustainable & Green Cleaning

The great news is that keeping your cleaning green is actually fairly simple. It’s all about knowing what kinds of services to choose and what you can do as a business to boost your eco-friendly presence. Some important aspects include:

  • Use services coupled with water reclamation. A gross mishandling of wastewater accounts for tons of wasted energy and resources, and so choosing a team that values this resource through reclamation is more than ideal. At KEVCO, our experts use reclamation techniques for all of our pressure washing services! We also use cleaning appliances that consume less energy than standard water reclaiming equipment.
  • Pick experts who dispose of waste cleanly. General trash and waste are normal byproducts that are hard to avoid completely. But the harm plastics, metals, and other forms of waste can do can be heavily mitigated with appropriate recycling. It’s important that you not only install effective recycling standards within your business, but that you also choose cleaning specialists that use a firm recycling and waste handling process.
  • Choose a team that uses approved green chemicals. The word “chemical” has been fairly well demonized in recent times, but not all chemicals are bad. There are clean, green, and totally safe options out there, such as the approved soaps and dissolvents our experts use during parking garage cleaning and metal cleaning.

Seek Superior Green & Sustainable Cleaning Services with KEVCO in DC, MD & Northern VA

The only thing we take as seriously as the quality of our work is our impact on the world as a whole. Incidentally, these things go hand in hand!

When you’re looking for specialists that offer thorough, in-depth commercial cleaning services in the DC metro area that treat your property and the environment right, contact KEVCO every time! Give us a call at (800) 315-3444 today.

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