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Atrium Glass Cleaning and Glass Restoration Services

15 Dec2014

glass restorationNow is the time to schedule work with KEVCO Building Services, Inc. in the off season. Special projects, like atrium glass cleaning or glass restoration, tend to be labor intensive. Scheduling these projects in the off season will give your business the best deal.

With a special project, like glass restoration, your business can potentially save money. Often times, company’s replace damaged glass without considering restoring it first. After consulting with KEVCO, our team can determine if your building’s glass is a good candidate for restoration rather replacement.

Atrium glass cleaning, often overlooked because of the difficulty, is an important component to leaving a lasting impression on customers. Atriums and entranceways get noticed immediately when people walk through a building – every fingerprint and smudge on the glass becomes magnified as the sun peers through.

KEVCO can give your building the WOW factor you need to leave good lasting impressions on customers. WIth our window cleaning and glass restoration services, your company’s business can be appealing to prospective and current customers.

The team at KEVCO offers many options in order to increase curb appeal around the Washington Metropolitan area. Be sure to schedule your special projects during our off season! Our team is dedicated to providing all clients with exceptional service. Contact KEVCO today to schedule a consultation!

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