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Why You Shouldn’t Clean Windows in Your Home…Yourself!

17 Sep2018

It’s true—everyone can clean a window if wanted to. But not everyone can get the job done properly. While it is great to sing the praises of a DIY project for your home, sometimes its projects like window cleaning that can cause more harm than good.

Here is a comprehensive list of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when attempting the DIY project of cleaning their home’s windows; some are obvious while others might even surprise you!

Cleaning windows on a sunny day – Bright sunny days are when people most likely want to wash their windows—when the sun is streaming into their house! But the sun can often make window cleaning even more difficult. Most people lather up a window and then move to the opposite side before they even dry the window. Sunny days make the windows dry quicker so that soap dries and leaves ever-persistent streaks. Sunny or cloudy, the weather never matters to professionals; they have the knowledge and the tools to help your windows remain streak-free.

Sparsely using cleaning solution – When homeowners are washing windows, they have a tendency not to use enough window cleaning solution. Too little solution doesn’t provide an effective clean. You have got to use enough solution to cover the entire surface properly—professionals know the right amount and what solution to use to make window cleaning count.

Using the wrong tools – The most common mistake made by homeowners is using the wrong tools to wash a window. From the product used to clean the glass to the product used to remove the cleaning solution from the glass, extension poles to reach high places to the proper ladders, scrappers, and more, all these items are readily available to any window cleaning professional in their arsenal of equipment. For a homeowner to go out and get the tools of the trade, it could be extremely cost prohibitive.

Limiting the life of windows – Windows are an investment. Like you get a check-up at the doctor to make sure you are ok, your windows could use a periodic “checkup.” Professional window cleaners don’t just clean your windows—they can identify situations that can be damaging in the long term. Wood rot on window frames, bent frames, and damaged window sills, stained glass, broken window seals among others are situations that a professional window cleaner can help determine a solution for. A professional can often treat the glass itself. They can restore the damaged glass and remove old stains, sometimes resulting from old or dirty aluminum screens.

Exposing themselves to danger – Without a doubt the most critical aspect of any DIY project is safety. A professional has all the tools and the experience to get the job done right. They have the expertise to spot potential hazards from wood rot on window frames, window sashes painted shut, improper ladder use, and more. These items could present a safety risk to the homeowner.

In closing, the final words of advice are to hire a professional to clean your windows. It saves precious time and money, and greatly reduces risks of injury!

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