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Commercial Garage Cleaning and Sweeping: What’s the Difference?

Property managers and owners already know how difficult it is to keep up their buildings’ appearances. There’s one area that tends to get overlooked, though, and that’s parking garage facilities. Before your clients even see your office, store, or facility, their first impression comes from your parking lot. That’s why you need commercial garage cleaning and sweeping. Both services are necessary, and will keep your parking garage in tip-top shape. Not only will this boost your appearance, but will also keep clients and customers satisfied from their very first impression to their final glance.

What is commercial garage cleaning?

Commercial parking garage cleaning is a full-service deep cleaning by professionals for small parking lots to 3000 spaces or more. It is a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom, and is recommended at least once a year. A typical garage cleaning involves:

  • Dusting overhead pipes
  • Pre-treating and degreasing oil stains
  • Pressure cleaning floors, columns, and walls
  • Detailing handrails and mirrors
  • Scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming residue

What is commercial garage sweeping?

Commercial parking garage sweeping is exactly what it sounds like—brushing away debris to keep your parking lot looking its best. Dust, dirt, and other debris accumulate quickly and frequently in parking garages. Those particles then get dragged into buildings, causing wear and tear on your floors, and ultimately destroying your image. Garage sweeping prevents this, and keeps your property looking great!

So, what’s the difference?

Your parking garage gets dirty pretty easily, but a full-service cleaning often isn’t possible with your schedule. That’s where commercial garage sweeping comes in. This is more of a “maintenance mode” task, where the garage is swept up instead of deep cleaned. It’s done more frequently to maintain a fresh appearance in between full garage cleanings, and helps ensure that the full service clean is easier, quicker, and reaches its maximum clean potential.

The last thing a property manager or owner wants is to chase off clients by the appearance of their parking garage. If your parking garage needs cleaning in the DC metro area, contact KEVCO at 800.315.3444 or fill out this special offer for commercial services today.


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