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Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning with a Sidewalk Spinner

24 May2016

When you are walking on a sidewalk you are advised to watch your step, which means that you look down to the ground fairly frequently. If the sidewalk is filthy, you may find yourself playing hopscotch around nasty stains and old gum patches just to get to your location. What does that say about the property? Will you want to travel on those sidewalks again?

As a property manager, you should acknowledge that your sidewalk is going to make an impression on your visitors. If you want it to be a positive one, you should invest in commercial sidewalk cleaning. At KEVCO, we use a sidewalk spinner pressure cleaning system that delivers highly effective results.

Pressure Cleaning Commercial Sidewalks

Restoring sidewalks to their natural beauty can be an incredibly difficult task without the proper equipment. Sidewalks are traveled so frequently that much of the dirt and debris they are holding is caked into the concrete. Our sidewalk cleaner and spinner cleaning system utilizes both hot and cold water, high pressure, and durable scrubbers to remove even the most stubborn grime, oil, gum, stains, and discoloration from your commercial sidewalks. Check out a video of how it works. This service is ideal for strip centers, business parks, or any other commercial property that is susceptible to heavy sidewalk traffic.

Why Choose KEVCO?

KEVCO’s advanced pressure cleaning system provides us with an unmatched speed advantage. We can perform sidewalk cleaning at night and effectively restore your sidewalk to it’s bright and inviting shine before the start of the next business day! This minimizes the disruption of maintenance on your property and allows you to make a great first impression on your next visitor.

If you are ready to feel the power of H2O and have the cleanest sidewalks in the DC Metro area, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us through this special commercial cleaning offer.


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