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Commercial Pressure Washing: Outdoor Fountains

10 Jun2016

An outdoor fountain is a great focal piece for a commercial property. It can turn a boring office atmosphere into an inviting and serene area. The sound of trickling water can make going into work more appealing each morning, especially in the warmer months. However, when fountains accumulate algae and other debris, their sense of tranquility transforms into repugnance.That’s why they need to be kept clean with commercial pressure washing!

Algae Is The Enemy

Outdoor fountains in front of office buildings are all running steadily in the nice weather. This means regular cleaning and maintenance is absolutely essential to keep them aesthetically pleasing and operating smoothly. The issue is that algae grows more readily during warmer months, especially if the fountain is exposed to direct sunlight. Thick layers of algae can obstruct the water flow and damage the pump, making the fountain a sad version of what it once was. While chemicals can be used to treat the algae problem, a better way to keep it clean is with power washing.

Keep It Clean

The professionals at KEVCO are lean, green, cleaning machines. Experts in power washing, they can blast away the algae, dirt, and other debris from outdoor fountains at commercial office buildings without the use of harsh chemicals. This way it’s good for the fountain, the planet, and the office employees. Pressure cleaning is the green solution to restoring the serenity to your fountains.

Give employees and clients a positive first impression. Instead of letting them walk into an office building with a dingy fountain out front, WOW them by keeping it in top shape with KEVCO’s commercial pressure cleaning services. When you’re ready to turn your drab fountain into a fabulous focal point, give us a ring! For all your commercial power washing needs in the DC metro area, KEVCO is the place to call.

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