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Cleaning Your Solar Panels After a Harsh Winter

11 Mar2016

With one harsh Winter  behind us and plenty of sunshine in the current forecast, it seems that Spring is truly on the way. What does this mean for your environmentally friendly solar panels? KEVCO is here with more about the importance of cleaning your solar panels after a harsh winter and how to do so.

The Benefits of Solar Panels

Installing solar panels to your property, especially commercial property, is a wise and cost-effective way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint and monthly energy bill. In fact, we strongly urge anyone with a commercial property who has not taken this environmentally friendly leap to do so as fast as possible. Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and requires little maintenance (aside from cleaning your panels).

Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

During the Winter, there’s a good chance you weren’t braving freezing temperatures to make sure that your solar panels were clean and free of debris. However, inclement weather and high winds can affect the cleanliness of your solar panels. Pollution, dust, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris can prevent sunlight from reaching the solar cells of the panel. Your solar panels are a large investment, and when they are dirty they are not operating at peak efficiency – meaning they aren’t saving you the maximum amount of cash. Cleaning your solar panels is essential to the longevity of your savings.

Solar Panel Cleaning With KEVCO

At KEVCO, we want to help you protect your investment by keeping your solar panels clean. Don’t risk damaging your solar cells or compromising your safety by trying to clean your panels without professional help. Our trusted professionals will come to you and complete a physical inspection of your commercial property, identifying and taking all the necessary steps to ensure the efficiency of your solar panels.

When it’s time for spring cleaning in the Washington, D.C. metro area, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here.

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