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Cleaning Overhead Pipes In Garages

19 Feb2016

In our most recent blog post we explained why a service like parking garage cleaning, which often times is overlooked to save money, is so important, especially if you want to make a good impression on customers. Another reason you should consider having your commercial parking garage professionally cleaned, is for the safety and cleanliness of the cars parked in the facility.

Maintaining your commercial parking garage is more than just making it look nice–it’s about protecting the cars that come in and out. One way to do this is by thoroughly cleaning overhead pipes, and making sure that they are free of dirt and debris. Doing this can ensure that dust and dirt doesn’t fall onto parked cars, leaving your customers unhappy.

There are also safety concerns that you should consider. Dirt buildup and oil spots could potentially cause liability problems. For example, a person may track dirt into their vehicle. If harmed, the person may voice concern for this problem. By simply cleaning overhead pipes in your parking garage this scenario can be prevented.

Since cleaning overhead pipes on your own can be dangerous, it’s best to hire professionals that have access to the right equipment. Here at KEVCO we can aid you with any of your commercial garage cleaning needs, including cleaning of high overhead pipes and cleaning oil stains. Call us today at 800.315.3444 for unparalleled parking garage cleaning in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area!

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