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Bird Proofing

11 Jul2014
Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing Solutions by KEVCO Building Services, Inc. near Washington, DC 20002, including MD, VAThe sun is shining, children are playing, and the birds are chirping. The thought of birds surrounding an area may not concern all businesses. However, did you know that birds could account for millions of dollars in damage a year? Rooftop machinery, HVAC ventilation systems, and lighting can become perfect perches and shelters for birds in the area. Despite the damage that is done to a building’s machinery, birds can also damage the appearance of a building. If you have noticed birds becoming a problem on your property, KEVCO Building Services, Inc. can offer you bird proofing solutions.

Consultants at KEVCO can customize a solution to your bird proofing concerns. Some options for bird proofing consist of a StealthNet, stainless steel bird spikes, bird coil or wire, and flex wire. Benefits to bird proofing include reduced damage from birds nesting/perching and reduced cleaning and maintenance costs. Pleasing customers, tenants, and clients should be an utmost priority for businesses. A great way to increase aesthetics of a building, prevent damage, prevent liability, and please customers is by bird proofing the building.

A common concern for our clients when discussing bird proofing is about the well-being of the birds. Keeping a humane relationship between birds and buildings is imperative to KEVCO. Our team will ensure that all bird proofing done to buildings is effective, yet humane. Investing in bird control can save you money, time, and potentially harmful situations. At KEVCO Building Services, Inc. we are dedicated to providing clients with the best option for their needs. When considering bird proofing a building, contact KEVCO for a consultation!

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