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What Is the Best Parking Garage Cleaning Equipment?

19 Jun2018

Keeping parking garages clean is just good business. A recent study showed that exterior cleanliness is the top decision-making factor that determines where people like to shop. So, as you can see, parking garage upkeep for your commercial property is key. There are many different methods of cleaning garages, but the most important item you cannot ignore when hiring a parking garage cleaning contractor is the equipment that the contractor uses.

Is the equipment the best for the job? Will it clean the garage at peak efficiency? These are all important questions. As every parking garage is different and every type of stain is different, if the contractor employs great equipment, chances are it will get the job done and your parking garages will be the cleanest they can possibly be; this also guarantees that they will make a great impression on visitors. Here is an overview of the best parking garage cleaning equipment based on interviews with one of the largest parking garage cleaning contractors on the East Coast.

Tennant Parking Garage Cleaning Equipment

There are many choices when it comes to parking garage cleaning equipment for your commercial garages, but the most important factor is quality. Which equipment will make your business operational the fastest, and which company has the experience to make the equipment do what it needs to do? Tennant Companies, the largest purveyor of garage cleaning equipment in the country, has a tremendous variety of garage scrubbing and sweeping machines of the ride-on variety and the walk-behind variety. These machines are usually all-in-one. The scrubbing machines, equipped with water and detergent, apply the cleaning solution and scrub the garage surfaces. Then, they vacuum up the water into a designated sanitary drain. No standing water is left behind; the garage is left puddle free, and you are back in business. Tennant machines are excellent, self-contained units.

When you hire a garage cleaning company that uses Tennant garage scrubbing and sweeping machines, there is a critical question that you should ask the contractor: “Do you own your garage cleaning equipment?” Companies that own and operate their own equipment really know their equipment as far as maintenance is concerned. Companies that own their equipment know how well they work and have maintenance programs to ensure that the equipment is in tip-top shape. If you have a company that depends on rental equipment, there is a chance that the equipment is not available when they need to use it. Research will tell you that Tennant machines are extremely dependable and unmatched to other garage cleaning equipment in the cleaning industry.

Portable Cleaning Equipment

When scrubbing, cleaning, and sweeping garages, there is portable equipment that every commercial garage cleaning contractor should have in their arsenal. Portable and truck-mounted pressure cleaning machines, backpack blowers, and extension poles with large-scale dusters are among the additional equipment that garage cleaning contractors should have. Portable pressure cleaning machines and truck mounted pressure cleaning machines are often used for pre-treatment of oil stains and other stains that are in parking garages.

These pressure cleaning machines also do detail work as well—around curbs or in areas that are difficult to reach.

Backpack blowers are used before a job gets started to blow out dust and dirt that are in these hard-to-reach areas. Lastly, the extension poles with duster heads are used to dust overhead pipes. Prior to having the ride-on sweepers and scrubbers do their job, the dirt is blown out and the garage cleaning team uses the duster poles to dust the dirt off the overhead pipes.

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If you are in the market for the best parking garage cleaning equipment or you are looking for a commercial garage cleaning company, do your homework. Make sure that the company has their own equipment for better service and additional equipment that does the pre-treatment work. Most importantly, ensure that you have a contractor with the experience and the know-how to employ Tennant equipment.

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