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Benefits of Parking Garage Cleaning

KEVCO parking garage cleaning services for the Washington, DC 20002 area.

In an effort to save money, parking garage operators often choose to delay cleaning their garages. Although this may seem like an easy cost to rule out, garage operators may want to consider the benefits of parking garage cleaning.

  1. Safety concerns for the public should be a number one priority. Dirt buildup and oil spots could potentially cause liability problems. For example, a person may slip on an oil spot or track dirt into their vehicle. If harmed, the person may voice concern for this problem. Cleaning the parking garage can prevent these problems from arising.
  2. Curb appeal is important for all businesses and homes. The money spent on the appearance of a parking garage is worth every penny if more customers choose to park in that garage. Regular customers or those on a subscription program may even refer the garage to colleagues, friends, or family. A clean parking garage will make customers and investors satisfied.
  3. Retain value of the property by regularly cleaning it. The longer a parking garage operator waits to clean the property, the harder it will be to remove stains. This can ultimately lower the value of the parking garage.

When determining which cleaning service to use, consider KEVCO Building Services, Inc.  From 30 to 3,000 parking spaces, KEVCO can sweep, scrub, and degrease stains from garage floors, columns, and walls. Our garage cleaning can include pressure cleaning concrete floors, dusting overhead pipes, cleaning mirrors, vacuuming residue, and detailing handrails.

Cleaning a parking garage is imperative for keeping and gaining customers, reducing liability, and retaining value. At KEVCO, our mission is to provide the absolute highest quality exterior maintenance services using the safest, most efficient and cost effective methods available today. Call KEVCO Building Services, Inc. for more information about garage cleaning. For a free estimate, please click here!

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