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Artillery Fungus that Grows in Mulch: Is Your Property at Risk?

26 Apr2016

Whether you own a residential property or manage a commercial one, we know one thing – you want it look beautiful year-round. Have you noticed tiny black dots on your exterior surfaces? Maintaining curb appeal is important and keeping unsightly artillery fungus at bay can be difficult, especially if there is mulch on your property. Let us explain why.

What is Artillery Fungus?

Artillery fungus is a wood-decaying fungus that thrives in moist landscape mulch and can also decompose plant debris and animal feces.The “fruiting bodies” of the fungi are incredibly small, measuring only about 1/10 of an inch across.

How Can Mulch Put My Property at Risk?

Mulch provides landscape beds with a nice cover that can hold moisture and greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, mulch is a food source and breeding ground for artillery fungus growth. Due to their size, the fruiting bodies of artillery fungus are difficult to see within the mulch, but the spores have the ability to shoot up to 10 feet high from their breeding ground.

When mulched areas are situated in close proximity to your home or buildings, these spores can find their way onto your window glass, vinyl siding, and other exterior surfaces. They appear as tiny, black, circular-shaped dots and are incredibly sticky and difficult to remove.

When Should I Get Artillery Fungus Removed?

Artillery fungus most commonly ejects spores when temperatures are between 50 and 68 degrees. When temperatures range between 68 and 77 degrees, the fungus reproduces rapidly. If you live in the DC Metro area, this means that your property could be at high risk right now. An accumulation of artillery fungus is incredibly unattractive and the longer you allow artillery fungus to live on your exterior surfaces, the more difficult it will be to remove.

At KEVCO, our trusted professionals can restore the appearance and lengthen the life of your exterior surfaces by ensuring all potential fungus growth and debris is removed. Give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here for more information about artillery fungus removal.

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