Spider Web Removal

At first glance, Spider webs can occasionally have a beautiful and intricate design that some could consider appealing. Most of the time, when Spider webs get up in the eaves on the exterior surfaces of your home, buried in corners and so many times lodged up in corners in garages, they can become an eyesore. Besides being unsightly, if the spiders are still buried in their webs, they can be harmful if they bite, especially if you have small children around that may not pay attention to the webs. This is a job for KEVCO! Kevco’s Residential team of Web Busters can rid your home of those pesky and unsightly spider webs, leaving your home web free! Call us and we’ll do the job – we don’t want anyone tangled in those yucky pesky spider webs.

Mirror Cleaning

Do you have large decorative mirrors, mirrored walls, shelves or panels that have thumbs prints or a dirty film and you just can’t manage to get a smudge free shine? Just call the mirror glass cleaning experts at KEVCO. Our professional process will guarantee a smudge free shine!

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