Additional Residential Services in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

Keeping your home in perfect condition and order can be a full time job all of it’s own. The cleaning, the maintenance, upgrades—who has time for it all? KEVCO Building Services, that’s who! Our specialists pride themselves on offering a full suite of perfect home cleaning and maintenance services to DC Metro, Maryland, and Virginia clients. Our signature services are ideal for meeting all of your major home needs. But what about the small stuff? For that, we’re proud to present our additional and specialty services!

Our team is dedicated to offering clients perfect services and solutions. Whether you need routine window cleaning, pressure washing, or even spider web removal, you’ll find all you need with our service team. We utilize the best tools and employ the highest caliber specialists possible, so you always know you’re getting top-class service.

Want to find out more about our additional services or ready to set a date with our team? Contact KEVCO online right away or dial (800) 315-3444 for your free quote!  

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Specialty Residential Services in DC Metro

Our team has made a name for our signature window and pressure washing services, but we’re certified and licensed to offer a full array of services to our clients. Contact our team when you need any of the following.

Spider Web Removal

At first glance, spider webs can occasionally have a beautiful and intricate design that some could consider appealing. Most of the time, when spider webs get up in the eaves on the exterior surfaces of your home, buried in corners and so many times lodged up in corners in garages, they can become an eyesore. Spider webs can range anywhere between a single obnoxious web or a full-scale invasion in your home, basement, garage, or outbuildings. These pesky messes can be both annoying to deal with and even possibly dangerous if harmful spiders common to our area have settled in. If you’re not fond of dealing with webs or would like to spare yourself the concern then let KEVCO’s web busting experts handle it for you!

KEVCO’s residential team of web busters can rid your home of those pesky and unsightly spider webs, leaving your home web free! Call us for spider web removal services and we’ll do the job.

Mirror Cleaning

Do you have large decorative mirrors, mirrored walls, shelves or panels that have thumbs prints or a dirty film and you just can’t manage to get a smudge free shine? Folks don’t say “mirror finish” for no reason. When you first install or hang decorative mirrors or functional mirrors in your home they shine like nothing else. But they don’t tend to stay that way, do they? Want to restore your windows and get them looking like brand-new in your home? Our cleaning specialists can leave a streak-free shine on all mirrored surfaces.

Just call the mirror glass cleaning experts at KEVCO. Our professional process will guarantee a smudge free shine!

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sees wide use all throughout and around homes. And while it’s pretty sturdy when it comes to impact damage, the weather ends up posing quite the threat. Water intruding into pores and wind damage can both lead to extensive cracking and premature wear. That is, unless you put a proper seal on it! Our concrete sealing services can provide an effective barrier against water and weather both.

Awning Cleaning & Sealing

Awnings and other exterior home accessories are a great way to decorate, but are often left to handle storms and high winds all on their own. Want to preserve your awnings and make them look as good as the day they were installed? Our cleaning and sealing services are just the thing to get your awnings looking gorgeous again.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Does your home rely on solar panels for auxiliary or primary power? If so you likely want to protect that investment and optimize it for greater performance, yes? KEVCO can help. Our experts can gently and effectively clean solar panels of all types, restoring collection systems to perfect efficiency and condition.

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