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Tackling Efflorescence Problems

13 Feb2016

Have you ever noticed some powdery, unsightly white stains on the concrete of your building, sidewalks, parking garages, or other exterior surfaces?  When soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete, you will notice efflorescence. Unfortunately, this time of year with low temperatures and moist conditions, increases the efflorescence you see on your concrete. This efflorescence is actually lime deposits on your surface.

Efflorescence requires a couple conditions in order to occur. First, it can only occur on certain surfaces, usually ones that are porous and where water can reach or “leach” out of the surface. This means surfaces like clay, concrete, brick, stucco, or wood. Second, it only occurs on surfaces that the are located somewhere where a sufficient moisture accumulation is possible.

Typically, efflorescence is more noticeable on darker colored surfaces compared to white or light gray. The contrast of white and dark colors will enable you to see the efflorescence more than usual. Therefore, if you have a building with dark brick, the efflorescence will show dramatically more than a white concrete building.

Thankfully, efflorescence is not harmful to the integrity of your building. Despite what you may think, it is not a sign that your building surface is disintegrating or dissolving, and you don’t need to worry about replacing it. The white stain is simply a collection of minerals, that the surface of your building already contained in the first place.

Since curb appeal in the Montgomery County, Metropolitan DC, and Northern Virginia area is vital when attracting and retaining customers. With unattractive stains, likely caused by efflorescence, your building’s curb appeal is reduced, which is something no property manager wants!

If you keep your building’s concrete clean, you will not only increase curb appeal, but maintenance will be a lot easier, as well. Our team of professionals here at KEVCO Building Services, Inc. can handle any kind of stains such as efflorescence, spray paint, mold, or any other types of stains.

The team at KEVCO Building Services, Inc. is happy to help you when understanding your building’s needs. Contact us at 800.315.3444 to learn more about caring for your Montgomery County, Washington, D.C., or Northern Virginia building and increasing curb appeal, today!

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