The PowerBoss has arrived! It’s going to be easy to Clean Green in 2013/2014  for KEVCO. The first Military grade, industrial water reclaiming and recycling system was just delivered to KEVCO’s corporate headquarters and is ready and waiting to serve all Property Management Companies with excellent results. If your companies aim is to “Go Green”, then The PowerBoss is your answer. Environmental requirements for cleaning and recycling water, as mandated by the EPA is influencing the ways in which we can effectively clean the most challenging applications, especially recycling water when doing any kind of exterior pressure washing or especially Parking Garage Cleaning.   Designed with Military specs in mind, this system attacks a surface with 5000 PSI of water pressure and a temperature of up to 250 degrees. The PowerBoss water reclaiming and recycling system removes dirt, oil, grease, rubber and other surface accumulations without ANY run-off. The water run-off is collected by the powerful vacuum system and then reused. The water travels through a 4 stage recycling system, filters and polishes the water down to 5 microns, which allows you to use clean water continuously! This recycling system is the total environmentally complaint package.