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Why you need to clean your commercial parking garage

21 Aug2015

Your company parking garage says more about your business than you think. It’s not just the availability of parking––though important, of course––but the overall cleanliness and professional look of the garage. Imagine pulling into a parking garage for a meeting and seeing trash, debris and dirt everywhere. It’s unsightly and unprofessional and could hurt your business.

Garage cleaning is more than just sweeping, which is time consuming and doesn’t fully get the job done.

A commercial parking structure needs to be fully swept and scrubbed to remove grit, dirt and oil that has accumulated over time. You may not realize but oil stains are a major nuisance that cause discoloration and odor if not properly handled. In the winter, salt and sand are major issues. They cover the surface and stain shoes and clothing. No one likes walking from their car (parked underground) to their office and finding their pants and shoes covered in salt.

But what about other industrial surfaces?

If your warehouse is in need of a good cleaning, no problem. KEVCO’s fleet of commercial cleaning equipment can handlemulti-level parking garages, loading docks (above & below ground), rough cement, cobblestones, pad sites, large warehouse facilities, parking lots, surface sidewalk areas  and many others.

For a deep clean, consult a professional with the necessary equipment and more importantly, a company that understands your commercial needs. KEVCO is one of the only companies in the D.C. metro area that owns a fleet of commercial garage cleaning equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services.

KEVCO’s business evolved from Residential Window Cleaning into to a company with a vast scope of Commercial and Residential services including, window cleaning, pressure washing and garage cleaning – rapidly becoming the Largest Exterior Maintenance contractor in the metropolitan area and the absolute first outside contractor to clean the windows at the United States Capitol and ALL of the House and Senate Buildings.

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