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The Top Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Residential Window Cleaner

5 Nov2018

Window Cleaning by KEVCOWhen it comes to our homes, everyone tends to believe theirs is the best. We often find ourselves drawing comparisons throughout our neighborhoods, like who has the most beautiful lawn, who has the nicest landscaping, and even whose mailbox is the best. But we often forget what is the true factor that makes our houses stand out above all the rest… windows. Real estate mogul and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran famously said, “After location, light is the second most quoted reason a buyer chooses a house, so let the sunshine in!  Clean all of your windows!”


To appreciate things like your beautiful lawn and landscaping, you have to have clean windows! Often an afterthought when it comes to home maintenance, we mow the grass, we dust the shelves, we paint, but we often forget about our windows. Some may argue the point that crisp, clean windows are the most important means of enjoying a clean home. Looking out of dirty, dingy windows is just unpleasant. When we wash and clean our cars, we pay special attention to the windows in our car, and our homes should be no different. The next time you enter someone’s home, take notice of the view from their windows. Now, think about your own home…Would you be comfortable having someone gaze out of your windows?


Window glass is fragile and extremely porous, which means it can very easily be broken. This means maintenance is the key to longevity of your windows. Windows that are not cleaned on a regular basis are at high risk for etching. Etching is tiny, microscopic scratches and indentations that occur on poorly maintained glass and will weaken glass with a disastrous result. Etching can have several causes depending on where you live:

  • Near the ocean: As wonderful as it is to live right by the ocean, it’s a disadvantage for your windows. Windows can collect sand and salt on them over a period and without regular washing, this type of debris can settle into the porous window glass, leading to permanent stains and cracks.
  • Living near wooded areas: This can be quite beautiful, but at the same time, be hazardous to your windows. Sap and bark can wreak havoc on window glass.
  • Areas with hard water: Hard water exists all across America, but the Midwest is home to the hardest water in the country. If your area is prone to hard water, this can do more damage to your windows. Hard water that contains a large amount of lime, not to mention calcium and magnesium, always seem to find their way to the pores of the window glass.

Increased Value & Curb Appeal

One of the items that make a home more desirable to a potential buyer is clean windows. Purchasing a home is probably the single largest investment most families will make in their lifetime, so first impressions matter. Clean windows can boost your home’s curb appeal immensely while prepping for an open house. In fact, according to Money Magazine, the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment is having clean windows.

The value, preservation, and appearance of your home are important.  Window cleaning is an essential tool to help maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home. The difficult part is getting a spotless, streak-free, clear window. Don’t forget about screen cleaning! And if you have to have your windows cleaned, leave it to the professionals to ensure a streak-free shine. Window cleaning professionals always have safety in mind, not to mention and the customers desire for clean windows as a priority. So, hire a professional window cleaner with all of the right tools and your house will be the envy of the block! Schedule regular window cleanings to keep your window glass in tip top shape.

Interested in hiring a professional residential window cleaning service in the DC Metro area? Contact KEVCO today!

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“Just wanted to let you know that your crew did a great job (as per usual) on our windows. You really do have an exceptional workforce at KEVCO. Everyone is courteous, hardworking and very aware of their surroundings; the consummate professionals. You always make us look good in the eyes of our customers.”

Richard Hightower
Director Of Contract Operations, Didlake

“One of the easiest service companies to call on, KEVCO is #1 in quality of work and customer service! My windows sparkle and shine and I can always count on them to pressure clean my deck and never have an issue. Great job KEVCO!”

Karen Monsein

“I recently had an important Broker function at my property and noticed that our windows were filthy and needed to be washed – I called KEVCO very last minute and they were still able to accommodate us – the clean windows made a HUGE difference and I was so appreciative – Thanks KEVCO for making…”

Susan Ruiz
Senior Property Manager, Avison Young

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