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Deck Cleaning and Restoration Services

Is your deck ready to handle the heat? Without proper sealing, your deck could suffer damage from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays, rain, foot traffic, and other elements. UV rays can destroy and decay wood over time. Right now is the perfect time to invest in deck cleaning and restoration services if you want your deck to be in optimal shape this summer for your backyard BBQs, birthday parties, and general outdoor living.

How the Sun Can Damage Your Deck

In the DC Metro area, we experience extremely high temperatures throughout the summer paired with intense humidity. Since your deck is an outdoor feature, it can’t escape excessive sunlight exposure. Additionally, the moisture of a nearby swimming pool or sprinkler could negatively affect the health of your deck. Does the wood on your deck appear to be turning grey? This is a sign that the wood is drying out and could be at risk for rotting.

If you notice rotting wood, this is an extreme cause for concern. To prevent further costly damage and the growth of algae and mold, you should have a professional address this issue immediately to restore your deck to its natural luster.

Deck Cleaning and Restoration Services

The best way to keep your deck healthy year-round is to practice regular cleanings and proper maintenance. Whether your deck is still showing signs of immense damage from last summer or you just need help removing unsightly stains and debris, our expert staff at KEVCO can help. Our professional pressure cleaning and deck sealing services will restore your deck to its natural beauty, enhance your outdoor living space, and provide unmatched protection against the hotter months to come. We use Wolman sealant to restore the exterior of your wood, offering a variety of natural colors including cedar and redwood.

Don’t delay! If you a busy homeowner who needs help restoring the appearance and function of your deck, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here for a special residential offer.


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