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Exterior Residential Window Cleaning

It’s common knowledge that commercial properties with large surface windows hire professionals to scale the walls and clean the exterior windows, restoring them to their utmost shine. As a homeowner, don’t you want your windows to look their best?

Cleaning your windows from the inside alone isn’t enough. When was the last time you gave thought to cleaning the exterior of your windows? Let us tell you more about why you should hire a professional to perform exterior residential window cleaning.

How Dirty Could My Home’s Exterior Windows Be?

When you wash the interior of your windows with a standard glass cleaner, you are removing slight smudges and debris. If you have young children or pets, you understand how fingerprints, slobber, and dust can easily accumulate on your windows. However, the exterior of your windows are exposed to elements far more severe than the interior – weather, bird droppings, insects, etc. This is especially true for homeowners in the DC Metro area who experienced the effects of a harsh winter, complete with a high-wind blizzard and heavy snowfall.

High winds can blow dust, dirt, mold spores, and other debris onto the exterior surface of your windows. Additionally, dirty snow and ice can freeze and melt on the exterior of your windows and create a layer of film that hinders light flow. Springtime is here, take advantage of the extra sunshine and brighten your home when you clean your exterior windows!

Why Should I Hire KEVCO for Exterior Window Cleaning?

Exterior residential window cleaning is a task that homeowners often assume responsibility for, or forget about altogether. It can be a daunting and dangerous task, especially since accessing second story windows can require a ladder or roof access. At KEVCO, we want to help busy homeowners leave worry behind. Our professional staff can safely remove stubborn dirt, debris, and smudges from the exterior windows of your home and provide you with immediate satisfaction. Most homeowners are shocked by the impact of professional exterior window cleaning and how much this process increases natural light flow.

Give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here when you are ready for us to brighten your home, restore your curb appeal, and remove unhealthy debris from your exterior windows. Click here for a special residential cleaning offer!

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