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Curb Appeal is Critical for Property Managers & Real Estate Professionals

13 Oct2014

curb appealIn the tough Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan commercial real estate market, leasing a building may seem impossible. A great way to stay above the competition and increase the number of clients is by maintaining curb appeal. The first thing customers, investors, and prospective clients see is the outer appearance of a building. Curb appeal is imperative when trying to rent space, retain customers, and receive referrals. With KEVCO Building Services, Inc. we provide many services in the D.C., Baltimore, and Virginia areas that can increase curb appeal.

Parking Garage Cleaning
When customers are pulling into a space at your parking garage, the last thing they want to see is a dusty, dirty, and oil-stained garage. A great first impression is crucial when gaining and maintaining customers. With KEVCO Cleaning Services, our team can improve your curb appeal so the first impression is a lasting one.

From 30 to 3,000 parking spaces, KEVCO can sweep, scrub, and degrease stains from garage floors, columns, and walls. Our garage cleaning and sweeping services can include pressure cleaning concrete floors, degreasing oil stains, dusting overhead pipes, cleaning mirrors, and cleaning the curbs. KEVCO is the only company in the Metropolitan Washington area that utilizes green cleaning methods through using The PowerBoss. This military grade, water reclaiming system, recycles all water used in pressure washing and garage cleaning so that KEVCO is always “Cleaning Green.” Using The PowerBoss and biodegradable cleaning products, KEVCO is #1 in the metro area for their sustainability.

Pressure Washing Buildings and Sidewalks
Another way to restore the beauty of your building’s exterior, and maintaining curb appeal, is through pressure washing. In order to attract new and existing customers, companies should create an environment that is welcoming and attractive. With a clean building, it shows that a company cares about their business and their customers, especially in the DC, MD, and VA area.

Pressure washing a large building can be time consuming task for owners to take on alone. By hiring KEVCO Building Services, Inc. we can provide the pressure washing services you need. KEVCO uses biodegradable products, like soaps, so our team has the ability to clean your toughest oils, grease, dirt, and other surface accumulations in order to maintain curb appeal.

Window Cleaning
Much like pressure washing a building and sidewalks, window washing will improve your building’s curb appeal. If a customer walks through your entranceway or atrium only to see smudged and filthy windows, your company will not leave a great impression. KEVCO is best known for our window cleaning services. Our team offers many options in order to maintain curb appeal and leave lasting impressions.

When cleaning a building, many companies seldom clean windows or they overlook them completely. The number of times your company cleans a building’s window per year is important and can greatly affect curb appeal. It is ideal to clean windows at least once a month. However, in Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan area, city life can be quite dirty.

Buildings located near busy streets may collect more dirt than buildings in areas with moderate traffic. Even landscaping surrounding the building can affect the amount of dirt on windows. It is best to get a consultation from KEVCO to determine the best solution for your company’s building. Customers notice a building that is not maintained. Curb appeal is crucial when attracting new and existing clients. Windows should NOT be forgotten.

At KEVCO, our mission is to provide the absolute highest quality exterior maintenance services using the safest, most efficient and cost effective methods available today. We take pride in every building we maintain. Call KEVCO Building Services, Inc. for more information about garage cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning services so your building’s curb appeal will be one of the best in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Virginia area! Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!

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