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Why Is Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Important?

Parking garage cleaning at your commercial property is probably not on the top of your to-do list, but it maybe time to reconsider your priorities. From dirt and oil to trash and grime, your parking garage could be on the verge of major stains, damages, and dangerous conditions. Not only does a dirty garage promote a negative image, but also makes you liable for potential hazards. This is why commercial parking garage cleaning is a necessity.

Have you considered the fact that your parking garage is often the first interaction your clients, customers, employees, or guests have with your property? This means it plays a larger role in shaping your overall image than you would typically think. Maintaining a clean parking garage carries copious benefits; let’s look at all the reasons you should schedule garage cleaning ASAP.

It reinforces a positive, pleasant image.

You take pride in your commercial property and care about your employees and patrons, so show them by maintaining a pleasant image. Dirty, unkempt, and polluted parking garages suggest laziness, poor management, or carelessness—none of which you want to promote. You want employees and patrons to enter and exit on a positive note, so an immaculate garage is important.

It protects your investment.

With as much time, money, and effort you’ve put into maintaining your commercial property, you don’t want something as trivial as your parking garage to be its downfall. Accumulated dirt, sand, salt, oil and other auto fluids can stain and even deteriorate surfaces. Debris can eventually break down the pavement and allow weeds to break through the cracks, which is an expensive fix. Put garage cleaning on your maintenance list now to protect your investment later.

It protects patrons.

Large debris, oil spills, and other dirt and grime can lead to potential injuries and damages to car tires. Not only could this lead to the loss of valuable customers, but also could make you liable for any injuries or damages done. When it comes to your business or property, there is nothing more important than keeping your patrons safe and satisfied. Protect them, along with your property, by scheduling parking garage cleaning today.

It discourages littering.

People are less likely to litter in a clean parking lot. A dirty parking garage eventually reaches a tipping point where people will care less and start contributing to the mess. A well maintained garage, on the other hand, will inspire more respectful behavior.

It minimizes pollution.

Removing trash, auto fluids, and other debris off your pavement prevents it from washing into stormwater runoff and eventually into bodies of water.

Commercial parking garage cleaning keeps the dirt, grime, and other debris at bay, and keeps your employees and customers feeling good about the property they’re walking into. To schedule your garage cleaning, get in touch with KEVCO today.

With Tennant ride-on garage cleaning equipment and portable and transportable pressure cleaning equipment, KEVCO has the only full time Garage Cleaning Team that owns and operates all equipment to peak performance for any size Parking facility in the Washington DC Metro area and beyond.

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