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Clean Your Building’s Windows Before the Holidays to Increase Curb Appeal

12 Nov2014

P1020554Making a great first impression, especially during the holiday season, is imperative for business in the Washington Metropolitan area. Current and prospective customers appreciate, and expect, good curb appeal. Regardless of the condition, your business will be judged by its appearance. The image of your business can be taken under your control if you choose to maintain it.

With KEVCO Building Services, Inc. our team can work with your company in order to maintain your building’s curb appeal for the holiday season. Begin by determining what maintenance your building needs, just in time for the holidays. One aspect to exterior and interior maintenance that is often overlooked, and can provide you with an increase in curb appeal, is cleaning your Washington Metropolitan area building’s windows.

Atriums and entranceways get noticed immediately when people walk through a building – every fingerprint and smudge on the glass becomes magnified as the sun peers through. KEVCO wants to give every building that WOW effect with clean atrium and entranceway windows Why jeopardize your company’s business with a dirty building, particularly the windows? This is a perfect service to be done on a regular basis, especially with the approaching holiday season when parties and visitors are at an all time high. Let KEVCO make your building as appealing as possible.
KEVCO is best known for our window cleaning services. Our team offers many options in order to maintain curb appeal and leave lasting impressions around the Washington Metropolitan area. Windows are important to remember when increasing curb appeal this holiday season. KEVCO Building Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing all clients with exceptional service (and the cleanest windows).Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!

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