Building Caulking in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

The seals on the exterior and interior of your structure are a very important part of keeping the space comfortable, energy-efficient, and even in keeping things looking presentable. Is the caulking around your business or home wearing down, missing, or do you need additional caulking to seal up air leaks? No matter what you’re looking for, KEVCO Building Services can offer exactly what you need!

Our commercial and residential teams have been proudly serving Maryland, Virginia, and DC for years now. We place prime importance on offering leading customer service in addition to reliable services and flawless results. For caulking services, cleaning, or specialty structural services you’ll find no team more dedicated to excellence.

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Building Caulking in MD, VA & DC

Caulk is an ideal remedy for sealing a structure against weather and moisture, and plays a pretty large role in keeping conditioned or heated air in and outdoor air out. But great as the product might be, it doesn’t last forever. If the caulking on your structure is beginning to show the signs of aging, or if you find a need for additional caulk to add seal against moisture and air bleed, we’re the team to call.

KEVCO utilizes leading tools and top products in order to get the job done right. No jos is too large or too small, and with our commercial-grade equipment we can reach even the highest levels of a commercial business. Not quite certain whether or not additional caulking is necessary? Don’t worry! We can help you evaluate the condition of your interior and exterior caulk in order to determine how efficient our service might be for you.

Signs Your Building Needs Re-Caulking

Not sure what to keep an eye out for? Examine caulk around and in your business and watch out for:

  • Caulk separating from surfaces
  • Discoloration (yellowing, brown)
  • Cracking caulk
  • Caulk is drying out or is rough to the touch

Spot any of these signs? All of them? KEVCO can help with reliable, cost-efficient services that get the job done on schedule, within budget, and with no left messes or even a sign we were ever there!

The Benefits of Additional Caulking

Why go out of your way to add caulking to your structure, or to replace outdated caulking? The answer is a simple one, and is based on sealing and insulation. When your structure lacks caulk or the caulk begins to wear, it allows the intrusion of moisture, outdoor air, and allergen-related pollutants. This can impact nearly every part of your business, from creating mold problems all the way to negative effects on employee and client health. To put it short: a small service can go a long way in preserving your business and the health of those inside!

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